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Wedding on the Canary Islands: Top 10 Most Beautiful Places for a Wedding and Elopement on Tenerife

With its diversity, beauty, wilderness, and accessibility, Tenerife belongs to an ideal location for elopement. You can find mountains disappearing in the clouds, resembling the magical Hawaiian Islands clouds, mystical laurel forests, beaches, or volcanic landscapes reminiscent of other planets. I was surprised how many untouched and less touristy places there are. If you long for a wedding ritual in freedom and privacy surrounded by magnificent nature with a stable climate, then Tenerife definitely deserves your attention.

When to go to Tenerife?

Thanks to the mild temperatures between 20 to 28 °C, you can visit anytime. In the springtime, you can admire lovely yellow flowers or 2 meters tall plants blooming in red, reminding me of little dwarf caps. You can find them even in the volcanic desert.

1. Mirador Altos de Baracán

We arrived at the viewpoint, or mirador at a time when the mountain peaks were covered in clouds. We hiked up above Mirador Altos de Baracán, no matter the visibility was bad, the atmosphere in the clouds with the wind was unforgettable.

I recommend coming from the north, as there are not as many buses on the winding roads leading to Masca. The viewpoint is close to the road with the possibility of parking.

2. Mirador Deloy omañana

Along the Carretera de la Esperanza road in Teide National Park, you will find many viewpoints. Clouds often hang below the Teide volcano. Watching the sunset with your loved one can be one of the most romantic moments here. It is a lesser-known viewpoint than Mirador de Chipeque, however be ready you might meet few other people around. We met 6 tourists at that time.

3. Arco de Tajao

The rock arch hidden among canyons can be found on the southern coast of the island. With its 30 meters, it is the largest arch on Tenerife. Although the surrounding is not so attractive, the arch itself is beautiful and photogenic. And in addition, it is not that known, you will probably be alone here.

4 Montaña Negra

On the circuit around the Montaña Negra volcano, you can feel like being in Tolkien's fantasy world. I was impressed by the perfect silence already at the empty parking among the trees, occasionally interrupted by the sound of wind and birds´ singing.

The black volcanic landscape with contrast of bright yellow-green pine trees, covered in hanging lichen, was very impressive. This secret place captivated me by the fact that you won't meet anyone here. And that makes it perfect for your elopement!

This trail is about 4.5 km long. Although its marking can be sometimes lost, I rather recommend checking the location by using GPS.

Trail map

5 Paisaje Lunar

Also known as Lunar Landscape, got its name from formations made of bright volcanic rocks. Due to the uncomfortable gravel road leading to the trek, only a minimum of people have visited this place. Experienced drivers with a 4x4 vehicle should have no problem. The advantage of this unique place is you will likely have it for yourself only. The length of the circular route is approximately 8.2 km.

Map of the route.

Trail map


The following 4 places belong to the Anaga National Park. The mountain range is located in the northeast tip of the island. The wild landscape with its laurel forest reminded me very much of New Zealand. Trees covered with moss and lichen, friendly birds and stunning views all over this area. As the road to get here is full of serpentine curves we have stayed for a few days directly in the center of the park called Islanaga Tenerife. Then we went on treks either in the morning or for sunset and luckily didn't meet anyone.

6 Mirador Cabezo del Tejo

Mirador Cabezo del Tejo is one of the most beautiful viewpoints on Tenerife. There are several ways to reach this viewpoint. We started our hike from the village of Chamorga. After half an hour of hiking through a forest trail you will reach the peak. And the viewpoint is just 10 minutes away. Here's a map of the route.

Trail map

7. Casas de Tafada

The hike to Montaña de Tafada is a 5.5 km circuit in the northernmost part of the island. After half an hour of ascent you will reach a comb covered with laurels which will accompany you for the rest of your hike. There are massive prickly pears and beautiful views of the coastline.

Trail map

8. Playa de Benijo

Playa de Benijo is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Canary Islands. Due to the isolation it remains practically untouched. The beach can be reached by a car via serpentine road. To experience the beach, it is important to plan your trip during a low tide or wait for it at a nearby restaurant. When a mist rises from the breaking waves towards the mountains, with the soft light of the sunset, the atmosphere of this place is just breathtaking.

9. Roque de Taborno

The Roque de Taborno peak, also known as the Matterhorn of Tenerife, is located in the Anaga National Park. The 4 km easy walk brings you to the high cliff, with an enjoyable view to the pointed mountain range towering high above the ocean. This trek is not known much so it can be the right place for you with privacy.

10. Roque Cinchado & Roques de García

Roque Cinchado is a famous rock formation located in the Teide National Park just in the heart of Tenerife. Local volcanic landscape is unique here, so be aware that this place is one of the most popular attractions on the island. Therefore, I recommend visiting this spot early in the morning or during sunset and Blue hour. Roques de García is a 3.8 km circuit where you can admire the volcanic mountainous desert underneath you. We have some cheerful memories of lizards from here. When we found a spot to take a break, we were amazed how many lizards gathered around us. What attracted them most was our Nutella spread, and some of them even tried to get into our backpacks. After a while we got a little bit scared. So we decided to wrap Nutella tightly, put it back in a backpack and then joked about man-eating lizards on our way back.


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