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Wedding in Scotland - 6 breathtaking places for an elopement and wedding in Scotland

Mountains covered in grass and heather, dark lakes, ancient stone houses, abandoned castles. Views of endless landscapes, rugged yet romantic. Scotland is such a place. Magical. The beauty of these locations offers refuge. It allows us to perceive the power of nature and, at the same time, grounds us in the presence. If Scotland calls you, its atmosphere will simply engulf you.

What do you need for an official wedding in Scotland?

If you want your wedding to be official, there are several requirements that need to be met and you must follow the local laws and procedures.

1. Marriage Notice: First you need to submit a marriage notice at the nearest registration office where the ceremony will take place. This notice serves to announce your intention to marry and must be submitted at least 29 days prior to the planned wedding date.

2. Identification documents: When submitting the marriage notice, you will need to present valid identification documents such as passport or national identity card.

3. Witnesses and officiant: You will need an officiant and two witnesses. The officiant is usually able to arrange one witness and gladly I can be your second one. Witnesses must be at least 16 years old.

4. Marriage Schedule: You will receive a marriage schedule after the ceremony as an official confirmation of the marriage. This document will be required for further formalities.

Please note that it is important to verify the current requirements and procedures, as rules may vary.

1. Quiraing

The rocky ridge of Quiraing, along with the next three locations, can be found in the Inner Hebrides archipelago on the Isle of Skye. This natural phenomenon seems to be carved straight from the songs of Scottish bards and amazes anyone who visits. The light here changes with the weather, providing the landscape constant surprises and enchantment. No matter how many times I visit this place, I feel it will always fascinate me.

2.Old Man of Storr

The Old Man of Storr is the most famous place on the Isle of Skye. At sunrise or sunset, you can enjoy the place in its tranquility. The 2 km path leading here is an uphill walk but along the way beautiful views open up to amaze you - the sea, Loch Leathan lake and the slopes of Trotternish Ridge. Among the megaliths you will feel like you're in a natural cathedral.

3. Neist Point

The Neist Point lighthouse stands tall above the sea waves at the westernmost tip of the Isle of Skye. The rocky coastline with green meadows creates a picturesque scenery full of beauty and mystery.

4. Glen Coe

Glen Coe is a highland valley in western Scotland surrounded by large mountains. The landscape here is dramatic and wild, with steep cliffs, waterfalls, rivers and lakes. It's not just a place with stunning nature but also a place rich in history and legends left by people who lived here for centuries.

5. Ben A'an

Ben A'an is a 454 m high mountain located in the southern part of Scotland within the Trossachs National Park. The ascent to Ben A'an is not too long but it is partly steep. The entire ascent and descent take about 2-3 hours. The trail is approximately 4 km long and starts at the parking lot near Loch Achray. As per my recommendation I suggest you plan your elopement on the sunset here. Be simply together and watch the sun set slowly behind the horizon, illuminating the sky with shades of pink and orange. While descending the mountain, the whole landscape gradually submerges into silence and the moon will guide your way.

6. Edinburgh

Edinburgh offers a range of beautiful and historical locations that are ideal for intimate ceremonies. Some of these places include historic castles, ancient churches and parks. You can also find plenty of cozy cafes. For photography it's better to choose less touristy spots such as Dean Village or Circus Lane - charming alleyways with cozy stone houses.


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